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WordPress Security Practices

WordPress sites are extremely popular around the world because they’re versatile, easily customizable, and can be built with only a little technical know-how. Because they’re so popular, though, WordPress sites are a common target for hackers. If you’re the owner of a WordPress site, read on to learn some of the best WordPress security practices.

Why Is WordPress Security Important?

If you owned a store, you’d install cameras and a security system to keep it safe, right? As a website owner, you need to do the same for your site, by employing certain security measures. A hacked website can really harm you and your business’s reputation. Hackers can gather personal data, install malicious code, or even pass malware on to your users. If there are security breaches on your site, Google may blacklist your site from their search engine results, which will slash your local SEO.

How Can You Keep Your Site Safe?

  • Always update – When WordPress releases a new version, or if there are updates available for your theme or plugins, this is usually for a good reason. Sometimes these updates patch security vulnerabilities, fix bugs, or just help your site run faster.
  • Know your users – One great feature of WordPress is that you can invite multiple collaborators to be active on your site. You can set their permissions and control what they are able to interact with on your site, but never give permission to someone you don’t trust. Make sure you understand each role that you can assign to users, and make yourself the only admin.
  • Strong passwords – This is true for any online account. Create a strong password with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols that is hard for other people to guess. Hackers often use stolen passwords as a way into your site, so your password is your first line of defense.
  • Back up your site – If you have a backup of your site and notice any sign that you’ve been hacked, you can restore your site to a previous version.
  • Use a good host – A good WordPress hosting service will provide extra security for its users like backups, automatic updates, and advanced security configuration.

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