Schema Markup Optimization

Enhance the organic visibility of your website with the proper schema implementation. We can help your website appear with enhanced SERP features to dramatically increase your click-through rate.

Schema Markup

What is included in our Schema Service?

We optimize your web pages with the right schema markups, making them easily identifiable to your target audience. Our schema services include:
Schema Audit
Our experts perform an in-depth audit to understand how schema is currently utilized on your site, both proper and imprecise. We also analyze your top competitors to identify their best performing markups.
Schema clean up and optimization
Invalid or unsupported schema markups can kill your site speed and compromise the user experience. Our team will clean up and optimize your current markups for improved performance.
Schema Recommendation
We will give you the best schema recommendations to help your website outshine your competition on search.
Advanced, Industry Specific Schema
Industry-specific schema markup ensures the accuracy and relevancy of your web pages on SERPs and boosts the page authority. We know which applies to your business.
Duplicate Schema Removal
Duplicate schema can compromise the search performance. But don’t worry, our experts will identify and resolve it properly.
Accurate Local Business Schema
Drive more calls, organic traffic, and footfalls to your local business with accurate Local Business Schema implementation.

Our Expertise in Schema Implementation

Over the last 7 years, we’ve delivered visible results for our clients from the first month of Schema implementation. We have a tried-and-tested Schema implementation strategy, which has helped over 1000 websites. Every time, the results speak for themselves.

How Can You Reach Us For Schema Implementation?
Connect with our SEO experts for a free strategy call and skyrocket your website performance for better reach and visibility.

WP Suites Proven Track Record
Our expertise in schema markup implementation has come from multiple tests and trials over the years. Our efficient team has delivered excellent results for our clients and helped them achieve higher ROI.

Why choose WP Suites?
Our schema implementation service comes with complete SEO support and end-to-end management to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied. We offer multiple cost-benefit plans that can easily sync with your marketing budget.

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Case Studies


Lopriore Insurance


Lopriore insurance started noticing quantifiable results from the very first month of associating with WP Suites. This was after years of burning their marketing budget with other SEOs.

We re-built the website from scratch, ensuring that all on-page and technical elements are optimized for search engines. With very few well thought out strategies, Lopriore achieved a Desktop speed score of 100 and a Mobile speed score of 99. And we are just getting started 🙂


Increase in
Domain Authority


Increase in
Organic Traffic


Increase in
Conversion Rate

Featured on Map Pack




Competing with 1000+ websites, Biomats was lost in the abyss of SERPs results. It became difficult for them to rank higher by following both manufacturers and FDA guidelines.

With WP Suites backing them up, Biomats made a comeback. Our design, technical SEO implementation, and proper on-page optimization skyrocketed their rankings on search.

Some of the SEO activities include accurate meta tags, content refresh, high-quality images, and the right schema implementation.

Increase in
Increase in
Overall Traffic

Schema Markup FAQs

Schema plays a huge role in the interpretation of data on your website to internet users. When your website has schema markup, your targeted audience is able to see what your website is all about, what you do, and how much the services and products you offer would cost. It plays the role of a business card, and since most websites don’t utilize it correctly, your site will stand out powerfully from your competitors.
No. Schema serves as an indirect factor to increase traffic to your site. It definitely helps search engines understand what your web page is all about quickly and therefore more indexable.
Yes, it does. When it comes to local SEO for your website, Schema can help search engines identify what your company or organization does, your service area, and where you are located.
Just like every other website, e-commerce websites can benefit from schema implementation. However, there are specific types of schema markups that need to be used to optimize an e-commerce website to its full potential.
Yes, it will. Websites with the correct schema have better click-through rates. When a page gets increased clicks, its ranking position improves.
Yes, it does. And with the growing demand for Voice search, excellent schema implementation can be a game changer for your business.

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