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Our team has over 15 years in the industry. We understand website development, digital marketing, SEO and what it takes to drive more qualified leads to your business.


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Beyond grateful for the excellent work that was provided and how it was provided! Communication has always been first class and expertise to recommend various plugins, creativity, and optimization on pages, and overall page speed and functionality has been without a doubt the best we have come across. Would highly recommend WP Suites service to anyone looking to create an amazing looking website that will be found high in search engines! A++++
Justin Vorwaller, Aspen Lasers

I am very happy with the technical support and service. The costs are extremely reasonable. This company cares about its clients.

PipePro, Col Chambers

I feel like I’ve finally found a webservices company that is honest and provides value above and beyond what I have received from other companies I have been with.

I run my own online business and the value added services to my hosting plan like SEO has majorly increased my business sales and I have saved thousands of dollars compared to what my previous web service companies were charging me. I really feel lucky to have stumbled across this company.

Ed Ritter of WP Suites is very professional, responsible and easy to work with. He helped me create exactly the website that I envisioned. He has gone above and beyond with his hosting services, follow up, and training me to use the website efficiently. I am extremely pleased with his services.

Jonda Watson

For business hosting, this is the best place I have ever used. MOst hosting companies just give you an account and leave you to figure it out by yourself. The people here will NOT do that. They make sure your website is up and looks good.

Thomas Salisbury

I switch my hosting from godaddy to WP Suites and now my website loads 3x as fast. Ed also makes and maintains great websites!

Jesse Moreno, Aware Luxe

Ed Ritter and WP Suites is the top WordPress developer and site manager. I would never use anyone else. If you have a WordPress site or plan to build one, you should call them. Ed is the BEST!

Ed has done several websites for us over the years. His work is visually very appealing – I have never failed to be surprised and excited about what he delivers, despite my inability to provide content in a timely fashion. It’s not so easy to put a finger on the Analytics and SEO. That’s a very fuzzy area to measure one provider against another.

Dr. Steve Wenrich, M.D., Headache and Pain Institute

Web Hosting Solutions

Web Hosting Solutions

We understand the issues with slow and offline websites and have designed a system that delivers speed, uptime, security and is easy to use. Although we primarily host WordPress Websites, we do have the ability to host most types and currently host a wide range of websites. Our team has years of experience with hosting websites and managing servers.

Unlike most hosting companies, we have developers that can assist with technical issues with the websites and databases. We offer both managed and unmanaged services. Our team of experienced technicians can help with deployment, setup, and customizations to meet your specific needs.