How to add spacers to Mac OS X Dock

Add spacers to Mac OS X Dock

Adding spacers to the Mac OS X dock is very easy to do. There are several good programs available that allow you to customize the dock, add spacers and many other things. If you are looking to simply add a few spacers to you can keep you dock organized, you can follow the quick steps below to get blank spacers on your dock.

The first thing you need to do is open terminal. If you’re not familiar with it, you can find it in “LaunchPad > Other” folder.

Launchpad - wp suites

Once you have terminal opened, you can type the following command to add spacers. You will need to enter this same code for each spacer you want to add. In this case, I am adding 12 spacers.

					defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{tile-data={}; tile-type="spacer-tile";}'

After you enter in all of the spacers you want, you will need to add one more line of code to restart the dock. Use the code below. 

					killall Dock
Adding kill dock in terminal - wp suites - wp suites
Spacers in dock after adding them in terminal - wp suites - wp suites

You will see spaces on the right side of your dock after it refreshes. All you need to do is find a blank space and left click, hold down and drag it to where you want a space. You can do this until you use all of the spaces you created. If you need more, just follow the steps above and add as many as you need.

Here is an example after the spacers have been moved.

Separating apps in mac os x dock - wp suites

If you want to remove any spacers simply drag them onto the desktop and they will be gone.