5 Creative and Practical Ways to Boost Digital Marketing Results

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According to HubSpot, one of the top challenges marketers face in digital marketing is traffic generation. Many small businesses struggle with attracting fresh website visitors to advance their engagement, leads, and sales goals.

However, if you’re consistently creating content, you have a wealth of opportunities to increase your organic reach, boost SEO ranking, and drive ongoing traffic to your pages. Through a strategic content promotion plan, you’ll consistently put your brand in front of the right audience who are interested in what you have to offer.

You see, your quality-rich business blog posts, eBooks, visuals, webinars, etc., are valuable content assets that can be promoted to boost digital marketing results!

The significant advantage is, you already have the content in place to boost digital marketing. Now, it’s time to fully leverage your content to create desired results from your efforts.

So, here’s a simple yet profound checklist to increase your organic reach, online influence, and website traffic even if you have a small marketing team.

1) Develop a Solid Social Media Promotion Schedule

Using a social media management tool like HootSuite, build a campaign around your content to promote on each of your social media platforms. The key to success with social media promotion is tailoring your message accordingly so it appeals to the network on which you’re posting.

For instance, whereas Facebook is a more casual environment, LinkedIn caters to business professionals. Refrain from using a cookie-cutter approach so you effectively reach your audience with your social media marketing.

The following tips provide an example of how to promote a blog post across different social media networks:

  • Share your blog post on Facebook multiple times by using different headlines to increase organic reach. You can post the same content over a period on Facebook to maximize its usage; the key is to change the headline to emphasize a crucial new point so the post doesn’t appear repetitive.
  • Tweet different highlights from your article multiple times daily. Include two or three relevant hashtags so new followers can locate your content.
  • Create a separate Pinterest Board for your new blog post. By adding the link while creating your board, the images should automatically transfer over. Optimize the description by naturally including your keyword.
  • Capture attention on Instagram using only high-quality photos. Always list hashtags to increase visibility. Also, mention where they can access your full article by going to the link in your bio profile.
  • Amplify visibility of your content by using Facebook Ads. You can quickly create custom audiences and set a budget starting at $5 a day.
  • Nurture your Facebook group with your blog content. Use an image to complement your text and encourage engagement by asking questions.

Now, you can leverage this example for any content type that you’re promoting (i.e. video, podcast, infographic). The key is understanding that it takes more than simply sharing the content once on social media to be effective.

2) Answer or Post a Question on Quora

Quora is a high-trafficked Q&A site where users can quickly gain responses from industry experts. Consequently, this marketing strategy allows you to give your professional advice while being viewed as an authority in your niche.

One way to promote your blog content on Quora is to find a question that relates to the topic. Give an in-depth response, then leave a link that connects back to the original article. Preface that your blog post offers more insight into the matter to add even more value.

If you’re unable to find a question, start one on your own and follow through with your response. Be sure to ask it in a way that your audience would to increase search visibility.

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3) Use an Influencer to Promote to Their Audience

Did you know that a whopping 92% of consumers trust influencers over celebrity endorsements (Source: Forbes)? Influencer marketing is strategic; putting your content in front of an active, engaging audience through the use of an influencer. They’ve already established trust with their market through content efforts of their own. Partnering with an influencer makes it easier to reach this audience and boost digital marketing results because of the influencer’s recommendation.

Use influencer marketing to your advantage. This partnership starts with building authentic relationships with the person and ensuring that their brand aligns with yours. Through this connection, you can either hire or inspire the influencer to promote your new blog post or content offer.

4) Create Long and Short Video

It’s important to offer your audience different ways to consume your content to cater to various learning styles while expanding your reach. That’s why repurposing content should be a useful tactic in your digital marketing strategy. You’ll work smarter with your content by sharing the same message but using different content types.

Videos are compelling tools that capture attention and move viewers to action. The popularity of video is undeniable. Therefore, implementing a video marketing strategy is key to connecting with today’s consumers. You’ll experience better traffic generation and conversions when using video.

So, repurpose your blog content into a short video for social media, then an extended version for your YouTube audience. In your short video, create a 30-second commercial sharing one or two benefits of your blog post, merely to drive viewers to your page. For the longer video, give more details on your post and offer critical takeaways your audience can use.

5) Broadcast Live on Social

Did you know 80% of people prefer watching a live video from a brand versus a blog post? Live video drives massive engagement on social media, quickly capturing attention on newsfeeds and compelling people to tune in.

So, ramp up your social media marketing and use this tool to promote your blog article on Facebook Live and Instagram. Highlight one or two benefits of your content and what people will gain from reading it. Include the blog link either in the profile bio or within the comments of your video. Finally, give a clear call-to-action in your video, directing followers to your post.

Conclusion – Boost Digital Marketing With These Tips

Utilizing this checklist will help drive more eyeballs to your content, thus improving visibility in search and on social. You’ll also achieve other goals such as increased lead conversions and sales. The key is remaining consistent in this promotional strategy to create optimal results in your digital marketing.

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